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Friday – April 12, 2024

Website Redesign April 2024

Website Redesign

I did it again. I redesigned my website.

Why you may ask? Well, first of all, as a designer you are somehow addicted to change. You always want to try out new things, new styles, new layouts. And secondly, I wanted to make my website more personal, re-iterate on components and styles I've used in the past and make it more accessible and easier to navigate.

As you can see, the new layout uses much more space while setting the focus – again – on the content, first of all my work. I redesigned some of the components and worked on the typography to make everything more readable. The fonts used are now as well anti-aliased to make the text more readable on all devices.

As always, this is brand new and there might be some bugs or issues. If you find anything, please let me know. I'm always happy to get feedback: @flornkm

What's new?

AI Mode

One of the biggest changes is the new AI mode. It's basically a clone of myself, which realistic voice expressions. It is currently accessible only via an access code.


Drawer Component instead of default popup modals. This is, at least in my opinion, much more easy to use and looks better on mobile devices.

What's next?

Finetuning, working, and building. So I guess, see you in a bit!

Tuesday – February 20, 2024 – Waitlist launched for early access

missingfont Waitlist

missingfont, an upcoming project Nils (@nilseller) and I (@flornkm) are working on, is now open for early access sign-ups. We're building a platform for designers and developers to find and share fonts. Not only a Google Fonts alternative, but a tool that makes it a lot easier to find and try out new fonts.

We have a lot of ideas which we are currently evaluating and we're excited to share more about it in the upcoming weeks. If you're interested in early access, sign up on and we'll notify you when it's ready for you.

Sunday – January 21, 2024 – The small laptop sticker customizer


I've been working on a small project in the last 48 hours. It's called and it's a small laptop sticker customizer. You can upload your own Memoji, add stickers, and customize the position and rotation of it.

It got a lot of attention on X, so thanks everyone for checking it out. I built it for fun, there is no further intention or business model behind it. If I build something real, I'll let you know.

Saturday – December 23, 2023

My site is live!

It finally happened – my new personal site is finally live. I've been working on it for a long time and I'm very happy with the result, and thankful for all the feedback I've received in the last month. If you have any questions or found bugs, feel free to contact me on Twitter / X.

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