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Flos most favorite tools – August 2023 edition

Flighty Extremely well designed flight-app While taking two flights this year, I've used Flighty to track these. It is one of the apps that gave me the most joy while using it. The design, live activities and realtime information is accurate and gives such a good user experience. Some additional features, like the passport where you can see your statistics, are just the cherry on top. _Thanks [Anton](https://antonstallboerger.com/) for showing me this app!_ [Flighty](https://www.flightyapp.com/) Postman Test and build API requests When it comes to using REST APIs, Postman is my go-to tool. It's easy to use, has a lot of features and is free. In a concrete example, I've used it to build the Feed for my website where I'm fetching data from Youtube and GitHub and then combining it into one feed. [Postman](https://postman.com/) AlDente Battery saver for MacBooks My MacBook is most of the time connected to a power source. This, as already known from a lot of studies, is not good for the battery. AlDente is a tool that helps you to keep your battery healthy by limiting the charging to a certain percentage. Altough it hasn't the best design or user experience, it is defenitely so benefitial for me, that I wanted to mention it here. I've bought the Pro version, but I would say the free version is enough for most people. [AlDente](https://github.com/AppHouseKitchen/AlDente-Charge-Limiter)

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created: marketplace should-haves 1242 build step fetching modules based on 1224 registry for all apps, plugins, and lint rules filter logic (tag categories + search)

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fixed the issue that loading the locales prevented the meta tags from being loaded directly, which is necessary to let search engines read our SEO content. Todo: Fix error in /editor page that appears because of the change in Root

Flos most favorite tools – July 2023 edition

Retro A mix between BeReal and Instagram Retro is a social media platform allowing you to post imagery based on the weeks of the year. While I don't think the world needs another social media app, I find it quite refreshing to use something new to share what I'm doing on some days. Some other things I like the app for are, that they have a very nice UI and that inviting friends is easy. Looking forward to seeing how the app is being maintained in the future. [Retro](https://www.retro.app/) NordPass A free and simple password manager Every password has to be different. One rule that I find somehow important when creating new accounts on different platforms. That, it comes that you can't remember all passwords and need a password manager. I would wish the native Apple solution was more flexible in terms of Browser support and syncing, but sadly right now it's not yet at the point I would like to use it mainly. Because my old password manager wasn't supported anymore by ARM-based devices, I had to search for another solution and found NordPass. I like their design, it's free to use and they have a good extension – I'm happy with it. [NordPass](https://nordpass.com/) TicketSwap A fast way to sell tickets for events you won't attend At the end of the month, I wanted to go to a concert-like event with some friends. I couldn't attend it sadly so I had to sell my ticket for it. Instead of eBay or similar platforms, I've used TicketSwap for it. While they might have fees on their platform, I found the User Experience when creating the offer extremely well made. In no time I was able to offer my ticket, saw transparently how much I get back from it, and the ticket sold after a few hours. [TicketSwap](https://www.ticketswap.com/)

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resolving the docs error in production

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implemented a fix for being scrolled to the correct element in the document when copying a link from the docs.

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added: button to edit directly a docs page on GitHub Have changed the table of contents because of that. Based on inlang/internal127

Flos most favorite tools – June 2023 edition

Here are my 3 most favourite tools in June 2023. Cron Business Calendar Let's begin with Cron. It is a simple, yet powerful calendar that I use to schedule and maintain appointments, lectures and other events. It is really easy to use and has all the necessary features I need to organize my day. [NordPass](https://cron.com/) GitHub Use it for more, than just a hub for Git! To be honest, as a design-development hybrid (and not just a software developer), I never thought GitHub has other usable features than just being… a hub for Git, especially for smaller teams. I knew about issues, but not in this detail. Managing your repo with GitHub issues is a great way to keep track of your work and collaborate with your team. Definitely worth a try! [GitHub](https://docs.github.com/en/issues/tracking-your-work-with-issues/about-issues) Missive A great, simple mail client for teams Missive is a great mail client for teams. It is very easy to use and has a lot of great features. I especially like the fact that you can assign mails to other people and that you can easily see who is working on what. [Missive](https://missiveapp.com/)

Flos most favorite tools – May 2023 edition

Here are my 3 most favourite tools in May 2023. Unavatar The ultimate Avatar API Unavatar is a service that allows you to retrieve avatars for your users from many different sources. It's a great way to add a personal touch to your app or website. The best part is that you can access the images via a simple URL and that it is completely free to use. [Unavatar](https://unavatar.io//) Screen Studio Simple recording software for stunning product demos Screen Studio is a screen recorder that has features like zooming, highlighting, and much more built-in. The videos are looking high quality, and I use it mainly for product demos. The software itself costs some money, but it's worth it in my opinion. [Screen Studio](https://www.screen.studio/) Tailwind CSS Not really a tool, but I want to mention it anyways As you probably know, Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework. Nowadays, I use it very often because it just saves me a lot of time. I also really like the Tailwind colors and their awesome community and documentation. [Tailwind CSS](https://tailwindcss.com/)

Granny AI Showcase (AI Hackathon Project)

Granny AI is an AI Bot giving you advice on what to wear.

Flos most favorite tools – April 2023 edition

Here are my 3 most favourite tools in April 2023. Raycast AI Use ChatGPT directly in Raycast If you're looking to boost your productivity, Raycast is an excellent tool that I've already written about. Recently, they released a new feature called Raycast AI, which enables you to utilize ChatGPT directly within Raycast. This is an incredibly efficient way to use AI without the need to open a new application or tab. [Raycast AI](https://www.raycast.com/ai) Arc Mobile Simple yet advanced browser I've been an Arc user on my Mac for quite some time, and I'm thrilled to see that they've launched a mobile version. It's a sleek browser with an attractive design, and it also includes some impressive features, particularly for tab management. [Arc Mobile](https://apps.apple.com/us/app/arc-mobile-companion/id1669785846) Vercel The platform for Frontend Developers You're probably already familiar with Vercel, but I wanted to give it a quick shoutout since I've been using it extensively myself. Throughout April, I relied heavily on Vercel for deploying my projects. [Vercel](https://vercel.com/)

Flos most favorite tools – March 2023 edition

Here are my 3 most favourite tools in March 2023. Posts Twitter, but for designers and developers Posts is a mobile application made by the team behind ReadCV. It is a platform that's built for designers and developers to share their work, photos, and thoughts. [Posts on Testflight](https://testflight.apple.com/join/Pv0Sn7OT) Revolut Intelligent, easy to use banking app While I don't use Revolut as my main bank or trading app, I use it for managing my money while I am studying. The app lets you easily view insights, round up your purchases, and manage your money in a very easy way. [Revolut](https://www.revolut.com/) Fig Terminal with superpowers Fig is not an extra application; it is more like an addition to your terminal. It extends the terminal with a lot of useful features like autocomplete, which is very useful for working more efficiently. You can install it via Homebrew, and it has a free plan. [Fig](https://fig.io/)

Web Audit: SEO Extension for Raycast

This is a showcase for displaying the SEO Extension for Raycast. This is just the initial release and of course not all features you ...

Flos most favorite tools – February 2023 edition

Flos most favorite tools: February 2023 edition Here are my 3 most favourite tools in February 2023. Supabase From database to user authentication We began developing a new update for our app. We decided to use Supabase as our backend. Not only is Supabase extremely easy to use, but it also has a very intuitive design. Supabase comes with a lot of different features that are helping us to fulfill our needs. Personally, I just can recommend anyone to use Supabase, even if you are just starting out or used to Firebase. [Supabase](https://supabase.com/) Cosmos A new way to save and look at your favorite things Cosmos is a relatively new platform and browser extension. It is a little bit like Pinterest, but it is more focused on curating your own little universe in a very easy and mindful way. The design is extraordinarily good and it has a free version. I am looking forward to using it for saving my favorite findings from around the internet. I just can recommend it to everyone, but make sure to install the browser extension because it will make your experience a lot better. _Thanks [Linus](https://linusrogge.com/) for recommending this app!_ [Cosmos](https://cosmos.so/) Rive Creating animations intuitively Rive is a tool I know for a while now, but because I was so used to Lottie, I never really used it. But recently I started to use it more (see the animation on my About page). Rive is a tool that allows you to create animations in a very easy way. The big benefit, in my opinion, is that their own format is extremely small and can be used in a lot of different ways. You can also create your designs directly in their editor and then switch to the animation tab and create your animations. It is also possible to create animations directly based on mouse movements or other interactions. [Rive](https://rive.app/)

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The intuitive tool that effortlessly enables you to craft and showcase job pages

Webdesign in the future

The Web in the Future What will the internet look like in the future? The different stages Web 1.0 was an era full of hyperlinks without any additional visuals or functions. When Web 2.0 came, most websites we know today (or not) were born. For example, Facebook (now Meta), YouTube, Twitter, and a lot more. These websites not only implemented CSS and JavaScript, they were also some of the first platforms that allowed users to interact with each other and for that reason track their data. Around the time these platforms got famous, in my perspective around 2010, Bitcoin was already a thing. But it was not until 2017 that it got really popular. Many tech-people used the term "Web 3.0" to describe the next stage of the internet. But what does that mean? And what will the internet look like in the future? Web 3.0 is misleading The term "Web 3.0" is often used in combination with crypto. But I don't think that this makes sense. I don't hate crypto, but I think because of the recent events (FTX) a lot of things will change, and crypto will get much more regulated. Therefore, I think cryptocurrencies will not be the main focus of the next stage of the internet. I think the main focus will be on decentralization, artificial intelligence, and future technologies like quantum computing. Which problems will be solved? Today we have a lot of problems on our planet. Not only the climate change, but also the fact that we are running out of resources. We need to find a way to produce more food, energy, and other resources. But we also need to find a way to produce them in a sustainable way. I think the internet will play a big role in solving these problems. We will be able to use more AI and other technologies without having to buy new computers, because they are running on the cloud. You can see this movement already today, when you look at the rise of Artificial Intelligence like GPT-3. We will also be able to use more energy-efficient technologies, because we will be able to produce more energy. I think the internet will also play a big role in the future of space travel. If humankind is going to get multiplanetary, we will need to use the internet to communicate with each other and to share data, even across different planets. Installing software will become more and more unpopular, because we will be able to use the internet to run our software. A new technology that will deal as a Gamechanger is Webassembly. Webassembly is a new technology that allows you to run code in the browser. This means that you can run code in the browser that was not written in JavaScript. This will allow us to use more languages in the browser, which will make it easier to use more powerful languages like Rust or C++. For the Enduser, I think argumented reality will play a big role. For example, to fix cars. You will be able to see the problem in the car and fix it with the help of a virtual assistant. I think the internet will also play a big role in the future of education. We will be able to learn more and faster, because we will be able to use Artificial Intelligence for our children. I think the internet will also play a big role in the future of medicine. We will be able to diagnose diseases faster and more accurately. You don't need to go to the doctor anymore, because you can use the internet to diagnose yourself with a computer that is controlled over the cloud, extremely fast, and developed to recognize diseases. I am very excited about the future of the internet, and I am looking forward to seeing what the next stage of the internet will look like.

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Flos most favorite tools – 2022 edition

Here are my 3 most favorite tools in 2022. Airtable Airtable is a tool which you can use for a variety of different things. It is a database, a spreadsheet, a kanban board and much more. It is a very powerful tool and it is very easy to use. I use it for my blog, my finances and surveys. A lot of people use it for project management. I think that Airtable is a very underrated tool. Raycast Raycast is a tool that allows you to control your computer with your keyboard more efficiently. It has a great developer community and you can extend the basic software even more with plugins. I use it to control my computer, to search for files and to control my music player. It is a very powerful tool and I use it every day. Notion With Notion you can create notes. But it is even more than that, you can easily create a website with it. You can also create a database and a kanban board. It is very powerful and I use it for my studies, my To-Do lists and everything I am managing. Arc Arc is a modern browser that gives you a unique experience. It is based on chromium and it is very fast although it gives you a lot of features on top. You can manage your tabs more efficiently, you can use a dark mode and you can use a lot of extensions. I use it as my main browser. Figma Figma is basically a tool that allows you to create designs for websites and apps. It is most commonly used for User Interface Design. But I am using it as a replacement for Photoshop and a lot of other tools because you can, thanks to the plugins, do a lot of efficient things with it. Vercel Vercel is a tool that allows you to host your website for free. It is very easy to use and it is very fast. I use it to host my blog and my website. It is a very powerful tool and I am very happy with it. Splitbee Splitbee is a tool that allows you to track your website. It has a stunning UI and gives you a lot of cool features. You can use it as an alternative to Google Analytics. GitHub Copilot GitHub Copilot is a tool that has written some of the code for this article. It is a tool that allows you to write code faster. I am happy with it and it helps me a lot.

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Nutrition application & hardware device

Stripe Company Analytics Dashboard Design

A website prototype for viewing stripes company analytics. Tool used: Figma.

Homebility Smart Home Application Prototype

Homebility is a Smart Home App especially designed for colorblind people.

Stack Overflow Redesign (Visual Studio Code Extension and Website)

We have redesigned Stack Overflow! In detail, we have made a completely new Extension for Visual Studio Code and we made a ...

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A curated collection of the best products on the web

Added Homebility

Smart home application with a big focus on UX

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